The Arbiter is a Halo 2 Arbiter action figure that is voiced by the Text to Speech Program "Microsoft Mike", and hand puppeted to create his movements. The Arbiter is the complete opposite of the Chief. He is intelligent, calm, ethical, well spoken (with correctly spelt subtitles to match), polite, honest, and unlike Chief, he demonstrates great gaming skills. Arbiter basically shares the personality and other qualities of Jon Graham himself (except the quality of being a massive prick-LOL g0oD 1). He and Chief have somewhat of a love and hate friendship and the two are nearly always in arguments, or Arbiter is victimised by Chief's irrational behavior

Arbiter is a friendly and intelligent character who, apart from the Chief's friends on Xbox Live, is Master Chief's one and only friend. When it comes to playing Halo 3 or any other game, the Arbiter is exceptionally skilled, as opposed to the Chief, who is terrible. He plays Call of Duty 4 as much, if not more than, Halo 3 until Halo 3's Legendary Map Pack is released. Jon Graham stated in one of his director commentary episodes that he modeled the Arbiter after himself. It was hinted in some way at the end of the episode "Girls" that the Arbiter is attracted to Cortana (though not as much as Chief); unlike Chief, though, he politely backs off after Todd and Cortana show interest in each other. Although he says he does not like beer or anything that makes him unhealthy, he gives in to the pressure that Chief puts on him to drink in the episode "Party," resulting in a very painful hangover and partial memory loss the next morning. Soon after, in Arby 'n' the Chief: The Movie, he asks Travis for some alcohol while being forced to watch Chief's incredibly lengthy and poorly made machinima. He later turns away from beer, only to be tempted back again and again by Chief's aggravations.

The Arbiter often tries, sometimes unsuccessfully, to bring common sense to Chief's and other gamers' minds, such as when he tries to calm down people panicking over a game glitch, or when he breaks up a fight between Chief and Todd. In episode 25, another player characterizes him as "a natural mediator. I look at this conflict and see entertainment. You see it as something that needs to be resolved".

Whereas Chief actively seeks conflict, Arbiter has been described by others as a "natural mediator," always working to solve problems whenever they arise (an attribute that has been showcased more and more frequently as the series has continued). Usually, he is the "smart one" and Chief rarely understands Arbiter's advanced vocabulary. This frequently results in him having to point out how nonsensical other peoples' opinions are, however, which he is infamous for doing in a frank, uncensored, and sometimes actively insulting manner that has been known to offend many people, particularly when he is annoyed. In the first three seasons, he is usually depicted as rational and relatively calm, though Master Chief is able to drive him to frustration and even outright anger on a regular basis. He is shown in Arby 'n' the Chief: Endgame, however, to have a definite capability for sadness as well; he is genuinely despondent when he realizes that his body is falling apart and when his online girlfriend, Claire, dumps him. He has a fear of spiders and he is voiced by Microsoft Mike. He represents Jon Graham's opinion of gaming products.&nbsp

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