Master Chief, also referred to simply as "Chief", is the main character of the series, having reprised his role from Master Chief Sucks At Halo, albeit with minor changes from his last appearance. He is a a Halo 2 Master Cheif action figure that is voiced by the Text to Speech Program "Microsoft Sam", and hand puppeted to create his movements. Master Chief's character is generally shown as being the embodiment of the negative stereotypes of the typical moronic players that one might encounter whilst gaming online. As such Master Chief is portrayed as someone with incredibly poor intelligence, who speaks in excessive leet (with poorly spelt subtitles to match), who commonly engages in annoying behaviour when gaming online, such as team-killing, "teabagging", weapon spamming, cheating, trolling, acting childish, following Internet fads, using illegal game mods (hacks), badmouthing other players, acting needlessly violent, lacking gaming skills, and generally acting in a manner that many Internet users and gamers describe as a complete n00b.

He is described by Cortana as "A sexist, mentally defective homophobe whose daily activities consist of going on to and watching porn". This is an accurate statement, as he has displayed an extremely offensive attitude towards her and often calls everyone but her a faggot and many other unprovoked insults.

The Chief also seems to be a Microsoft and Halo "fanboy". He loves playing Halo 3 Multiplayer more than anything, and hates almost, if not precisely every other video game or console, particularly if they compete with Halo's popularity. He always is convinced that if Arbiter disagrees with his own opinion on Halo content, if he is displeased with any Halo content, or playes games other than Halo, that then Arbiter must hate Halo's content, the Halo series, and Bungie Studios itself. Furthermore, he is only seen browsing the web through Internet Explorer, to the extent of actively deleting a shortcut of Mozilla Firefox, another web browsing program. (However, it being only a shortcut, it may be argued that while he did not fully delete the program, it may be because he was unaware that it was only a shortcut, thus proving his low intelligence.) He is also seen bashing the Nintendo Wii and virtually all games that are not related to the Halo series (such as Grand Theft Auto 4, and Call of Duty 4), mostly for no real reason other than they are popular, unlike the Arbiter who likes all sorts of games. However, after Bungie confiscated his Recon Armour for cheating, he declares he hates Bungie.

He prefers to fix problems such as that with violence, both in game by unashamedly killing other players he disagrees with, be they on his own team or not, and in the real world, often attempting to attack his roomates, even to the extent of using weapons such as knives and frying pans.

He is also apparently a fad-fan as he often quotes Internet memes in his dialogue. Fads such as Shoop Da Whoop, lolcats, roflcopter, Doom: Repercussions of Evil, and quotes from the Zero Wing game are often referenced by him and add humor to his antics. He almost always carries a sniper rifle and his 'Lazer' with him when in-game, even into places where guns would otherwise be prohibited. He displays a complete lack of regard for Prestige, believing them to be "a l0@d 0f Cr@yp"(A load of crap) and busting anyone who disagrees with him. He has a preference to always use childish insults and lingo when arguing, such as "Mom Jokes", "Male Genital Jokes", "Sexist Jokes", or even just simply responding "no u" as his only forms of retort. As such, forming any coherent conversation with him is exceedingly difficult. He also has a horrible taste of friends as all of his friends mentioned are either n00bs like him, wannabes, or jerks who double-cross him and make fun of his lack of intelligence.

However, the Chief has some good attributes. He can be very creative with a large amount of intelligence and sense, though this is not easy to see because it is one of his attributes that he often ignores. The Chief can be often be very creative when he puts his mind to something, and seems to have a certain degree of intelligence, which have been noted at some moments such as the times when he created plans to achieve his goals, such as obtaining the "Recon Armor" (which The Arbiter qualified as a good and very complex plan, although the things and people he required were "out of reach") or the time he tried to break up Todd and Cortana. He also has positively no patience for stupid, boring or blatantly idiotic things, displayed in season 3 episode 2, where he grows weary of the moronic antics of the three people involved in the "wedding" and the priest. He also is very emotional, as he can be extremely sensitive. He was brought into a very emotional state when Craig and his friends made fun of him during a match.

Until episode 20, Chief thinks that he is a highly skilled Halo 3 player and is very clever (this is proven when he says to the Arbiter "cuz UR brain r liek this {Cause your brain are like this}" and made a small hand gesture, "adn mai brein r liek this {And my brain are like this}" and made a huge arm gesture), even though it is always proven to be far from the truth. One thing that has been contributing to Chief's terrible Halo 3 skills is his unawareness of what he is doing, proven in episode 17, when he had no idea that the Arbiter was playing for him. The theory that Chief may be unaware of his doings is out of the question, proven in episode 4. It is also because of the beer Chief drank.&nbsp

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