Travis is a Brute Chieftain figure from the McFarlane action figure series. Travis appeared along with Todd in episode 9. He and his friend Todd's voices aren't done by text to speech tools like the other three characters, due to their new and improved voice boxes.

Travis got along well with Chief when they first met. During the movie, they didn't get along. In fact, Travis hated Chief as much as Cortana and Todd did. In episode 11, Travis played a joke on Chief which ended up with him getting smacked into a wall mirror by Cortana and humiliated, filling Chief with murderous rage as he watched Travis laugh hysterically (and later became the reason for Chief's attempt to murder him).

Travis is not as much like the Chief as previously thought by fans. Travis is highly aggressive, but unlike the Chief, he has normal conversations with Todd, Cortana and Arbiter without throwing insults, penis jokes, or mom jokes at them, like Chief mostly does.

Travis loves to play Xbox 360 games, particularly Halo 3, but doesn't perform as badly as Chief. However, when he does make mistakes, or the game's difficulty or other players get to him, he gets easily angered and curses at the television or down the Xbox Live Headset. He also drinks on a frequent basis, favoring Jon's bottles of Jack Daniels. But, he does not use foul-language and the term "gay" as much as the Chief does.

He and Todd both disappeared in episode 12. It is later revealed that he, Todd and Cortana were abducted months ago by an alien called Xanthor, who then anally raped them and ate them alive, while he threw Cortana into a nearby sun. It is also revealed that Travis was the one who deleted Cold Storage from Jon's Xbox in an attempt to contact Arbiter and Chief (In retrospect, he noted that it probably didn't work). (The entire scene was a shoddy attempt on DigitalPh33r's part to explain their disappearance).

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